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Tarot Readings in Vine Grove are performed by someone that is trained in how to read and interpret the symbolism of the Tarot Cards. Tarot Readers do not necessarily have to possess any psychic or supernatural gifts to perform Tarot Readings. It is more of a left-brain science (logical side of the brain) much like Astrology. I have found the best Tarot Readers are also initiates of the Golden Dawn Kabbalah*.

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Welcome to another episode of We Don't Die I'm your host Sandra Champlain author of the best-selling book called We Don't Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death.

And today is a great day we get to hear from one of my favorite authors his name is Chris Ratter and no doubt you've heard me talk about how important his book mediumship within has been in my own life his book combines practical advice with personal experience to inform and guide the reader on their development of mediumship and healing and as for healing Chris is a special kind of spiritual healer who performs hands-off non-invasive psychic surgery and trance healing he works with a powerful team of surgeons doctors and healers from the spirit realms using his Healing Hands to channel their healing energy this energy is then used to address the ailments and diseases which are present within our bodies minds emotions and spirit Chris holds weekly surgeries near his home in Scotland and also holds regular monthly surgeries across the UK Ireland and Europe and now it should be noted that Chris is not a medical doctor and as healing services should be used in conjunction with the advice of your own doctor his website is Chris Ratter psychic surgeon accom so Chris Ratter welcome to We Don't Die Radio!! Thank You Sandra and thank you very much for inviting me onto your radio show I'm looking forward to the what takes place today yeah am i pronouncing your last name correctly I didn't think to ask yes yes that's good right to the TT er yeah as close as in America you can pronounce it yes it is oh I appreciate you and just for our listeners just to know that yeah yeah yes many of us we struggle with our or calling in life and there I was really wanting to do some research more research on mediumship and why are these things happening to me and these things not happening to me and I did a Google search well lo and behold Chris's book came up and I thought I downloaded it on Kindle and I read it within just two days it felt as if he wrote every word in there just for me and it is it is my most favorite book on developing mediumship so Chris thank you for that listen I I thank you for your kind words regarding the book the book really was an inspiration that came from spirit side of life I had been asked for quite some time from the spirit world to start a book and to write it and I had been putting it off for a little while and then I despair well obviously we have good communication with the people that work for me work with me I should say they came forward and asked for the book to be written and I took up the challenge and I'm actually delighted how the book turned out to be very truthful with you it was very interesting Sandra how the book really sort of came forward with the fact that the spirit world had says to myself that there's lots of books written on mediumship when the mediums on the pioneers of the past had been at the pinnacle of the mediumship and there wasn't really a book that explained the journey or how they became so prominent figures within a spiritual movement so this parable had asked me to write a book to garden my journey and to the explanation obviously of things that we take place through you know the mediumship and and the development and the most really a promises the most interesting story was that the parable had come forward and said to myself if you write the book the book will be published and I it be very truthful you never really thought about ever writing a book it was nothing I sort of ever thought that I would ever dream of being able to do but I took the opportunity to allow the spirit world to come through and really help channel the book channel of the words that come through and I you know I thought was most interesting because the book actually took about three months to write and they made me had yeah we had the book written officially we thought what are we going to do with this book and I always had that thing in the back of my mind you don't spell will see it well it will be published and I do have lots of friends that have written books and how to self publish that's a very common way that people have to publish obviously their own you know the rule in future so what i did was i I you know wrote the book sufficiently before it was okay and I needed someone to shape it and then all of a sudden after a very good friend of mine who dedicate the book to give him a little dedication to the book is John Harley who came and crossed my path he was college lecturer in Aberdeen actually Dundee and John had said if you give me a letter look at the book I will see if I can shape it up a little bit for you so between myself and journal but of maybe about four or five weeks we shaped up the book and then we were sitting on Friday evening at it's in a very interesting part of the story I will quarter to twelve on a Friday evening maybe 2345 we decided that we would send you know the copy of the book to a publisher and we got an automatic generated email which said you know if you haven't heard anything within a week then please look in your solo or in your trash you know and then I on the Monday morning I received an email from the publishing company and said that I had passed the first stage which I thought was absolutely astounded to be truthful with you so middleware was a bank holiday weekend so somewhere old about weekend someone on spelling had dated someone to read that you know the book and all its content and had decided obviously that it was worth obviously putting out to their independent readers who are not spiritualist but just people who are independently and within five days with hired about five or six different obviously the views coming back from these people saying that this book should be out to the public and then within that sort of week I had a publishing deal so you know and it just really testimony to to the spirit world you know that we really have to believe and the work that we do in the information that we receive from those that were questions for the sake of life but they say the book would be published and write to the date it was published absolutely stone them now that's amazing yeah and I know from just being a reader and even from the people that I speak with and some of the listeners that email me people want to know how they can get started they're feeling this little nudge to develop and you know where would one start and to hear your journey and you are man you've got your personality definitely not within the book as well as the spirit world were they whatever they said and it was just really joyous to hear your your story would you mind sharing just how a little bit of it how you got into the world of even developing your own mediumship and then obviously we'll talk about the healing as well but how you got started I suppose were what happened to me at first for about 17 years I was an HF taxi driver a driver in Edinburgh and I one evening I would I came home who's lying in my bed and really what happened was I I became aware of a white light bright light that condition in my eyes which is very common to be very truthful with you but lots of people who would add introduced you to spirit world I'm gonna close my eyes this bright light appeared and when I opened my eyes the light disappeared and the room was in total darkness and this went on you know all through solid all through the night very true for wishes I kind of thought it was my boy just really shot a cleaner trick on me you know just over leather age well you use about 78 year old at a time and obviously you know I thought he's been a little bit mischievous you know just having a little carry on this fella and this weight on all night to be very truthful with you and then I you know based the match to fall asleep the second night the same thing happened again right when I got back obviously from my working my shift I went to me to my bed light went on and off and this continued for a period of time I really couldn't quite understand what was really taking place had no idea that there was the spirit world they were making the contact obviously to they are their realm through that you know when you're going to that unconsciousness steepy and almost sleeping and this way alone for quite some time and I really thought you know that you know I just was unsure that I really didn't know what was going on and then after a period of time I started to hear you know voices you know within the room and when I opened my eyes I could see you know sort of spirit people and then the people becoming more visible more visible to me that I could see them just like oh this is like normal people just walking down the street standing in my room and then one evening I tried to obviously shot all these things down know how to do it was very fearful hurt to be honest with you sir at at the time my a member of my family had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and I was you know thinking to myself maybe this was hereditary within the family you see and then one evening when I went to my bed I closed my eyes and just as soon as I close my eyes and even today I still have that but I understand it now it's a connection to the spirit walk when the coming forward but this bright light appeared and then I had the lady's voice see and I'm speaking to you because that sort of startled me to be honest with you and I remember looking up looking the bottom of a that he was a lady was lady yes indeed I promise you I'll never forget that you know and this lady walked towards the bed and then turned to to her left and walked out right through the door and I just shook my head and disbelief what I would have taken place through the door and the door was lowest right yeah low was close really what great right through the door and this thing I can start with me and I did wake my wife up you know this mean gone on maybe for now for a few months and I spoke to my wife now obviously and of course McGill was my wife she was obviously startled when I woke up and she said she listened to what I had to say she says everything will be okay and the very people is really surprised that back because I really felt that I was going to get the ball again yeah did and then I you know managed to get back to sleep after maybe half an hour of course a light started going on again and off on again in my eyes I couldn't quite understand what was going on and then the following day I went obviously to work actually knock on for this thing because I hadn't been sleeping very much and we now know the Spirit will come you know the most prominent thing that comes with workers is between two and five o'clock in the morning you don't know why that - but it seems to be whether the most activity takes place hemispheric for those fellow realms then I got home went to my bed for a night and once again I had the voice in I'm speaking to you I kinda you know try to dismiss it from my mind and I had once again when this is clear audible it wasn't in my mind or anything I could hear hear the conversation taking place and then I felt I was becoming strangled to very truthful where I thought someone was trying to strangle me and I really really jumped off right and just about you know value on top of my wife which didn't we don't do well at evening either and then she sees me what's for unit on she what what what's going on my foot - no actually I don't know what's going on I can't explain it exchange but you know someone's trying to strangle me and she says you just have a lot dream I says I'm not dreaming I can assure you guys she's taken place and then she I might associate myself down as soon as and so they went back into like sleeps they had the voice against you and I'm speaking to you once again as fearless and someone was trying to throttle me which I've the panic attacks but all debate I didn't know what to do I thought I needed one she uh you know look at me be some specialist help you to be on associate sir and fallen there I spoke to my wife regarding August the water was it took place taking place and Gail I says listen you know what you want to do and all of a sudden this thought came into my mind to go to a spiritualist trucks know when I was a boy my grandfather she take me you know to your spiritualist mittens and for some strange reason this thought was impressed upon my mind and I went along spoke to the lady who was a present overcharged which wasn't the medium spiritualist medium and she had to give me an explanation of what was going on and I love that said to me a little bit it didn't really give me the answers that I needed to you know to understand what was going on my friend you know my my development that I know whether it's now at the time okay see I follow the schizophrenic fallen night me and my wife went down to visit a spiritualist medium who was doing a demonstration and I was actually wonderful to watch those about forty people I think in the group and the lady was walking up and down given you know messages from people at the past over this parasite of white and the audience could take all the messages and it fascinated me and after a lady had done a demonstration I approached the lady and I tried to explain to her what had taken place the first thing lady says to me was you not might by the way I focus for the novel how do you really know I'm not mad and she says well she says this fellow there's too many people too much better activity around about you just to be family members she says what's happened is you starting to emanate an invisible white light which can be seen from spirit side of life she says is invisible to the human eye she says but the light white light is there and spirit world people are drawn to it for it as an indication like a light she says that you have the ability to heal don't feel emotion or see them she's been drawn to you right fertile for us fine she's been what I do [Laughter] understand okay and she sees our AC actually says you you can tell them to and she uses really what off she can't understand that idea and I thought I can't believe I just had this foolish lady who was a spiritualist medium I see his address and I conclude what people tell him how much this parable is all about love and all these things to be very truthful yeah at the time I had been driving a taxi for many years so I probably was you know I was an indication on this federal that probably needed to heal those watch yeah understand you know yes like for that's finances but what did I do and she says I'll give you a little exercise she said will take about a week Asian you'll be able to block them from you just a little exercise of putting a white light around your body and pushing it out into your room no with a prayer obviously to God she say and do these things and it will eventually it'll stop them coming towards you and to beauty or honest with you dead after a week it started to calm down a little bit yeah and then that sort of started to pique my interest you know obviously these people were comment was always there reason for them comment you know it wasn't you know I didn't want it to be sporadic I wanted to have an understanding over I wanted to know what these people wanted you know I you know I didn't know my guess was going to be healing that time but I just wanted to office look a little bit fun I was very skeptical to be very truthful with you and I do think that is healthy you know in all walks of life especially you know the what we do but I went and joined a development group and that should shake me on my path for the work early ahead well how in the development group did that we had through the spiritualist Church it was indeed yes usually you know development groups are you know involved with Spanish let's just not I've never been involved in a spiritual National Union to be honest with you but there's also independent churches or spiritualist Church and mediums you know and to evade to fear I've always been guided by the spirit world I mean I didn't know really we have to go for a development group and I sort of put forth out just to the universe I suppose and then I was invited along to join the development group is actually that lady that gave me a little bit of AI so she used this really what it was that he has indeed it was a lady that I actually baited me along to development group which I attended for about three months and from very interesting although I didn't really understand a lot about it to be very truthful with you but what was happening in that group was I was becoming a little bit of lots of different colors I seemed to come forward when I was in a meditation and that was sort of the process for me to get to understand you know the expendable common energy the coming color the common lots of different things you know what is it it's a vibrational world you know that we live in the the other energy they had a vibration themselves Chris a quick question when you were in this development group at any time did you do any like evidential mediumship what I did is yes the worst from time to time when the lady would get us to team up with different people within the group that were developing themselves and I do recall one even when I was given a radio message or I was trying to link it to this parable to see what would come forward and information I could get forward I remember a little girl's face just appear to the side of the mother just like I'm looking at your picture just now just appear that the side of lady's face just a beautiful week at all and I described this picture that I had seen oh of this little girl and it turned out it was her daughter that she had lost just a year previously he was in this parable and that and I thought you know I mean I wasn't developed medium they have to be very truthful with you but I just I was just able to see this parable conceding to me I'm very fortunate I promise you I have you know I get from the spirit world but you know I had truly as a gift you know it's delicate it's not my cat it's a gift that belongs to them but I've always been able you know since sort of developmental looking at things to see objectively but is you know people as they bowled up and stand alongside and also subjectively which is and say domain so I've been able to see it both ways which can be rather confusion sometimes I can assure you especially even in all through the development when I used to drive my cab and very often as lots of people college fella people with them and what would happen is people would get into the taxi to hire for afare and I'd be aware of spirit people walking in with them no that's already as wild I can assure you you know basically when we are driving to a destination and you would have you know some of his better side of life Jim please tell them I'm here could you tell them I'm here you know but you can't do that because you can never saw our you know sort of put this up forward and and so I you know I've never shouldn't do that to people to be very - for me you know so you have the opposite this federal and also you to try to step back please if you don't mind but some of them can be quite forceful you know when to realize that you are able to you know to connect with them you know of course but you have to have respect for people people come from all different walks of life and have all different beliefs and of course yeah oh my gosh so it in your development was it learning about trance that happened next what happened to be virtually I looked at you know develop a mental mediumship I never wanted to be a healer I was the furthest thing from my mind I can assure you know lots of people in the comment to this movement or the door to look else even become aware of you know the spirit world actually put forward this what a blow or shadow people is they look at the avenue of healing but for myself I wanted to be a mental medium you know what I wanted to learn to give one-to-one readings which is a form of healing anyway we understand that you know yeah it's about the healing off of the heart and the mind that kind of thing you know to get people information that a loved ones are so very much alive a love lost the physical contact but life is a channel and people can still come forward and a part of a LED lights you know just through life force energy but I wanted to develop that and I studied that for about a year and a half but I thought it really was my path to be honest with you and then one evening when I was at a group I actually joined two or three different groups which is kind of frowned upon with tutors but I have always been on the opinion that we work for the spirit world it's parable the wish to develop us so we really should you know try and embrace as much as possible and like a sponge of shook-up as much as information as we can but you know lots of tutors have this thing that you know where they are teaching I don't know is an ego fighting to be very truthful with you you know that there in case obviously when you develop and if you come into the pinnacle of your mediumship that people say you know III know I taught them or whatever they did and it's really this parable that teachers all the time to be very truthful with you yes but anyway I developed for about a year and a half in this class and then I want different classes and then we'll have one day was this energy came upon me which I absolutely shoot me for sex but I didn't know what it was I never experienced that but that faithless energy come close to me an energy like I had never felt before in my life and that had an adverse effect on my body what happens my body started to shake and then is there as the energy came closer and closer you know the vibrational frequency started to shake more and more till I was uncontrollable almost like having hyper family like that sorta no complete shaking and I didn't know what's going on I my mind he sort of became detached of what was taking place within the room and I could hear in the distance I could hear a voice which was the tutors voice at the time of the lady saying it's okay everything's okay it's okay just go before everything's fade we know what that is but I was like ended essence to me it was like it may have been 50 feet from me to be truthful with you and this went on maybe for quite a quite some time maybe about 15 minutes and then eventually it comes down to person or the energy left me I don't know what it was to convey to flee away I was absolutely fearful of it and lady says to me look enough you know I've always engaged with the spirit side of life all that all the people with wanted to premiere the right place and this tutor this teacher of the class whose mental mediumship was also a trance medium and had been involved in that side of mediumship for 50 years lady wait on to explain a 1-over had experienced was the spirit world wasn't to come forward and to experiment with me through the vibration and look at trance energy to see if you ever was compatible with it but it didn't mean a lot to me to be very truthful with you and when you know maybe after we're twenty minutes of trying to get myself back together system you'll be absolutely fine and I was when I was in the group but once you come back in my car and start driving home then the fear started to kick in mm-hmm and then when I got home I explained to my wife you know obviously what had to place that that evening but it doesn't really mean a lot to her telling me know what to me to be very true for you just obviously you know I was a little bit fearful over I didn't want to explain to my wife that really was fearful of what was going on because you know I'm seeing my wife associated me that's enough alone anymore exactly indeed true I didn't tell then of course the middle of the night I went to my bedroom and I was an amazing taxi driver and had been for many many years so obviously I go to be a little bit later than my wife and then I went to bed you know seemed plain white light on wait lay off all this kind of things so now I was getting quite accustomed to you know and then I felt that energy coming upon me which is very similar to what took place that evening at the development cooker and I walked off my bed jumped on my bed and I remember Shelton don't you dare don't you dare short on the stairs you know I didn't know what it was to be honest with you and then I phoned the tutor you know in her home she will you be okay and it's okay for you to say that if you're not here you know and then I definitely fight she's just tell you don't want to do that and then she says to me the time have you set your boundaries and I didn't know what boundaries where she's what what do you mean setting boundaries although I've been in the development groups or are two or three different development groups for about a year and a half nobody had explained to me even in these development groups what a boundary was but you have to tell sped about what you want to accept and what you're not going to accept if you only wish for this federal to come forward and to work and develop with you when you learn a complaint or our safe environment with people who understand that had done none of us nobody had told me and then she explained what boundaries were and then I obviously spoke to my gatekeeper at the time of his guinea horse and say some example of the acceptor said only wanted to take place at the group and that really started me on to see trans trans develop and that's what really began for me how did you be gray horse now and fire he's your guide well what actually happen if I went for as lots of people do I went far as you know as Google for spiritual assessments or for readings and I wanted to know you know just obviously to hear from my grandfather my grandfather big influence over all through my life you know grandpa was a very spiritual person you know and I know that more now obviously Benny George for the shade of life for very often comes back may have loved the conversations with him but I you know I went for a meeting and a lady says to me there's there's a guy that's come forward three with success anybody's bringing a grey horse with him she sees this gentleman as your doorkeeper and if I wasn't her dog keep on she explained to me a summary of said gatekeeper who looks after things and you know the after work the spirit people have to do they come through him to speak and even the time I thought myself well all these people came from to see me and he can they stop no he did yes that's but back to the boundary thing again I suppose yeah right that's how could come about and then I I obviously was was aware of the gentleman being there and then I you're asked and like everyone does I had asked for his name and repeatedly sort of bombarded for his name he's actually name is two moons that that is his true name but when he came forward and told me I couldn't pack a talk but I was like two moons to do to reverse to and I really couldn't you know hear the conversation and then he says to me just call me a gray horse she said doesn't matter if she's what you call us she's names are material issues if you're happy with gray horse I am happy with them and that's why I make reference to miss gray horse Wow so okay Chris this is this is a great story and it was my body that started shaking doing meditation uncontrollably that that's what I put in the Google search and that's when I found you in your book and since then it's subsided if you taught me about boundaries and what I'm accepted and what I don't and even now my deal with the spirit world is to know that they're with me I just get one little blast of a shake and I sell out you're here okay that's my agreement so it's been so thank you for that thank you for being willing to share because that's what introduced me to you it is ladies love this under you know and they'd also what happens but it's better we'll come forward to us they do have a calling card that you should little shake or whatever but what we must always remember is that Colin Carr could leave us anytime you know I when I you know teach and or tutor people you know they don't sit at the beginning there will be a call encounter people get used to that energy that comes forward from spirit shade of light what we do tell people is that you know this parable can take a call and can't wait for any time or someone new can come forward to work with us through that energy and they may not have that calling card and then what happens as as developing mediums we can say to ourselves that there's something wrong with our mediumship because that hasn't happened so I always tell people it's lovely to have a calling card but I would not appear the time once you start to trust them and you trust the people come forward to ask them to take that away from you because you when the energy comes you can't mistake it anyway wow that's great so when you started now sitting for trance now there's a definitely a jump from sitting for trance to healing we can walk us through how that developed well can be very quickly they there's no difference in the energy that comes forward from the trance energy for healing for you know for having conversations or the conference users a channel to communicate and to speak all the same energy and the same feeling - because all mediumship and all its varieties all comes from one source and that's universal energy or that godlike power whatever your your your beliefs are okay all the energy comes from from the same source I can assure you there's never ever you know available here mediums or people say that that medium is a powerful medium it's not because the energy comes for the same people for everybody and the mediumship the only difference is that medium has accepted the energy and the power that comes forward Wow so it really is important to thank that because people often think you know and we do here even to DBC that's a powerful medium no it's not the power is all the same I promise you from a fledgling someone who's just dipping their toe into the into the spiritual world you know for development or someone's you doing it for a very long time alone maybe the carrier power because we understand the energy we trust that the trance energy a universal energy is round about us all the time but all we do is we live just a plug into and just have the understanding that energy around us all the time promise you we are just mediums and what we do but not the Lord you know we develop all the time we develop every part of our life we were here what we do but really what we're doing is we're going back and and going through enough rational mind to think you've already forgotten because we come finished better world and all the energy and all people come forward our spirit so the rank is spirit spirit spirit so it's always there that's good to say yeah I think many of us think oh we're learning this for the first time and we're not we're remembering no we'll just remember and I promise you just remember everything was forgotten that's why very often when we do develop it's mushy oh I understand that because we've already we already know it well that's good news so let's talk about the healing though because this is fascinating and this is what you do what you do so when we wind up in the heel damage combo for myself to be very truthfully healing for me was it funnest of for my mind very for year I never ever thought of being a healer or that would be you know the line of work for for me as I said I wanted to be a platform mediumship I wanted to be there you don't get to get the message from the platform and do all these things you know that I had witnessed and seen you know through my journey yes what what happened is I was on a course and you know a through an ear and we have been sitting for trans development quite some time getting used to settle in to the energy sitting in to that trans power allowing the communication to come forward along the blending with spirit all these things that you will go through yourself and everybody who develops mediumship you know as just allowing more and more freedom to the spirit world to be able to come forward and then my tutor at the time is a indelible mark he says to me there's a gentleman he says that's been with you for quite some time he says but he's only really made himself present to me just now she I'm not going to tell you who this gentleman as he sees for he may just be a visiting you leaving a little bit of energy and moving on she will see how the day progresses but I have been aware of them he sees through the weekend and I have been aware of them on other workshops that we have done together for that's very interesting and then were having went into you know back into the group later on that Dave set an office about on the energy for communication and this gentleman had come forward and he was speaking about how what healing was important to him and how much the healing journey was special to him and you know insane things I had to place in his journey and get an explanation all to do with healing and above all his life and healing and I didn't know the chain from the most impactful with you and then he started to show me pictures and my mind's eye but he showed me of all the simplest thing of a lady giving him flowers at a shop for that centers and I must be a florist you don't have and then he went down and she'll thanks to God and heal him but he was healing people I could she's hands shake I've seen it from his perspective healing people and doing things you know I do certain things for free signs and energy falling through him and then here he showed me a name play onyx dance which was EDW and of course you know when you love to stay it's very much a math people think you have to be you know completely gone you wanna have not exceed that your minds completely out of it that may happen even today but it's a reality I can actually even with physical mediumship because we're part of the connection my part of that energy that usually and utilizing our body it's always a part of the measurement you know the medium of the person involved what takes place but what happened then is I thought you know my mic and I thought you know just hurry yet what's that was name equipment to me EDW iPhone body it was now I really had done it I wasn't really interested in healing I had known of mister days but it didn't really mean anything to me I hadn't read anything had done anything you know without the Ness what and then when we came back obviously we went for a break you know and I went to see the twotonight Shakespeare Milton is just you know Harriet was just working with me CCS attest she's pleased he says at the stage she would tell anybody she who's working with you he is because if you take her out there he says people will ridicule you he says you know he sees the wall I see people are very quick he sees it trying to bring people down she's and that's no walks of light not just a mediumship that's cracks yes so I thought that's fine so I just you know I developed with mr.

Edwards and then I realized when I got home that evening I had a book Believe It or Not which was a book written by mr.

Edwards I'm going to open down the page I thought why about the book to be a truthfully I think the first book I ever bought in spiritualism was a healing boot I mean open the pages his best wishes Hari oh it was signed by Harry saying bye how to get what you need you need Chris if you wouldn't mind just to share with the audience who Harry Edwards is was hot it is and what did Harry Edwards I suppose when she was one of the most prolific healers ever was spiritual Bella he was an absolutely wonderful gentleman but you know to be hurried was was emotional divorce but Harriet was was actually a physical transmission he developed for 11 years to do physical mediumship knowing you have phenomena materializations all I kind of thing Harriet was when he first set out to do this to do the work obviously the spiritual spiritual work he actually set out to expose the people that as frauds that's what he did and he went along good charge and he got the evidence that he could not believe was sort of opened his mind up obviously to maybe a different realm Wow yeah indeed and then he started to study there's some things he was a using the armies lots of stories about them of miraculous healings even dominar me there was a a gentleman with you know a harem of ladies obviously they were a housing he was in a house next door but they are me and the lady was Beckham of a scorpion and he went into logs into that compound and no healed lady no done certain things and only the survivor the scorpions thing you know lots of these things scorpions thanks to people just parasite of life you know I don't like somewhat Stefan thanks but he he developed you know for 11 years as a physical medium and then the spirit world says to them it must they make the choice you had mix choice of becoming a healer or to go down the road of physical mediumship and he chose to do healing work I promise you know he is recorded you know with all the healers at he that thousands and thousands of feelings you know and to the stand was you know that now he's recognized as I think last last century is the most prolific spirits who healer ever was ever was yes and there's a Harriet Edwards Healing Center is known and you cannot yeah correct yes he he yet he opened up a center was a hurry and go sealant sanctuary which is in the shit and sorry indeed which is low operational today they still have lots and lots of people that go to a visitor center there's lots of people who work there who lost lots of different courses regards and healing there I've had the players that have gone down there it's another story I met a gentleman on wheels through my development of the healing and ended up at the been abated don't Italian per century when I was there available so we have the presence of Henry as he's known to his friends as walk round around both his hidden sanctuary I've had the pleasure of going into his own bedroom which is obviously still there today so we got to clicking behind closed doors would you make st.

and so long you think you know absolute wonderful journey and I even remember sit in the end and this front room and in this pile of room and it's not as a bar and stuff from Emerson to my wife this is all change this is not how it used to be and my wife it says oh yes whatever you know yeah and then and then two ladies actually came into the room sat down on a couch opposite doesn't say speaks to come here years ago it's all changed you know oh it's amazing Chris I just have to ask are the spirit voices behind your children I think shoulder ah no it's okay don't worry about it it's just funny there was one interview that I was talking to someone and all I could hear was this dog snoring and of course it she had a she had a big dog under her desk and there was no way to wake up the dog eyes just let the dogs snore yeah you don't have to worry about closing the window I just wanted to make sure we we knew what that was listen I I can assure you this but it's all done I'll attach to me not coming work you me I have a lovely little boy with physical mediumship who's a little energy Walker cold-air Charles with Sparrow calm chuckles we Charlie you know local we all have asked for the children about worthless fellow children and we'll spend it one of the cherished we very true for work she yeah I beg that so let's talk a little bit about the healing are we talking I mean I know I said in the description that there's different kinds of healing but there are some actual physical healings of symptoms and diseases and things as well as other kinds of healings correct of course indeed yeah I'm going to let me show you a job jumping off okay from conversation now when the healing element came about with myself to be very fee I wasn't when you see I didn't really want had no intention I would have been a healer and then I sort of started embracing a little bit and thinking you know what's going to happen I've never done a healing to go on the stretchy I didn't really understand what he was all about I certainly didn't know what trying to learn was I neverexperienced that and I didn't probably what everybody does is I started to loop on the internet for trans healing and I couldn't find anything couldn't find any information about that you think things on psychosurgery which was an advancement of trans you know but I didn't you know understand what was lots of things to do with the Philippines you know I'm wonderful you know that do you obviously you know with instruments and that kind of thing you know but I didn't obviously understand what trans healing was and I remember the first trans healing I ever did was in front of a demonstration of so overall developing and a group and I didn't have a clue to be honest with you I never done it even before in my life and I remember standing behind you know the lady and thinking what I thought it was and it wasn't the front c1 I wasn't a spiritual event it was a crash rack that he was to be truthful work she just me thank you but it should be I remember sign here for about 10 minutes and then obviously to tell asking me to come back and then ask me what was that could explain what that was and I said one I was a human you know and he asked me just a set don't you know and shook his head at me but you know that's my or intentional and then what happened I through times that lobster with a bit spirit wasn't listen to other things I went to a course in Wales and there was a trance he loved them and this lady I go into a trance healing and once I realized what transhuman was couldn't believe how simple and natural what s you know all mediumship is simple I promise she was ours as human beings who might you know ideas on field but it should be for all forms of mediumship simple and special even lonely but only the channel the energy to come through us but awareness what lady dead and that was my Eureka moment and then I was asked to come up and do a healing I have done three healings or something I couldn't believe what was taking place you know I wonder the feedback that will get them as a standard but field presence know of Henry you know I think right I did quite some time to calm Henry I can surely I was even expected mr.

date what you know but if you feel is the power of n Henry coming forward in the human form through manner and it's undescribable the energy the love the compassion it comes through when we do do this line of work and then I was asked by the tutor to have a look he had a problem with kidney stones and he asked if I would do a heel and weapon to beta V I was panicking about that then see all this was new to me all all having the done with developments or behind closed doors and not in front of people that we didn't really know make sense to you yes now he explained that he had had kidney stones or I had a kidney stone and ended with an operation following week she could say you really interfered panic you know sweating profusely you know was a thing you really you know unwell effect and i exactly do a healing as his friendship you follow the direction of the spirit world and I thought ok panic and yeah and then yeah and then he invited his aunt and he says to me know whatever you want to do you you allow it to take place I says ok he don't mind us it'll put you in the middle of seat I says I have to complete here from the boat you at the triangle formation this is our science is no I said I have to packing up to people which is allowed to heal as I knew what in the room so I pick them join in and then i sat with one side obviously over the gentle to the back with gentleman's kidneys Watson huge in the middle of the group I remember going to north of state I remember hearin miss Leigh was asking the rest of the group in the room he sent up energy and he walks taking place he sent her thoughts and that energy to transfer it in the middle and then I remember me a it was seeing poor that's a tricky little fellow ok he was trying to it was like almost like Hilo sailing slip on Bart and you know trying to break impacts almost like who's trying to go in and my mind visualizing they were trying to pick this one out for that's interesting and then you know we don't heal he came by the gentleman and a thing we feel a little bit better but not you know not not greatly better the following day you know the tuna came back to class sensation or I feel a lot better he almost back to normal and then he went obviously when the course finished and he went Felicia in the fall immediately got we had kidney stones had gone no no no the big one but all of them yet sectional they disappeared gone I mean they all disappeared completely gone no operation was needed that was my first introduction to the energy of of trance healing and trust in this better world let's first about it do clicks yeah that's powerful it yeah okay it's not perfect it's a love of everybody on the law of the sweat but you know it's just it's not me I'm just the channel to debate truthfully I can i compute anything you know I say that everybody who comes to see the what can we do on behalf of this better world but you know I trust to spare the world and I open up my energy to them and a lot of people to come forward and the results are amazing to be very full of you so so tell us more because now this has developed to you having your own psychic surgery and let me just ask you in the States when we talk about surgery it's actually cutting into someone with that and I know in the UK they refer to a doctor's office as the surgery yeah how how do you use the word surgery what they do a to create the name psychic surgeon that was given to me was given to me from the spiritual community it's not it's not a one I took myself you know I don't really care entitles leaving them on my development I didn't really care who came and worked with me because you know a lot of people wanted beg beg names near the Red Cloud setting bill all these kind of people prominent figures in history I didn't care you know of course always my thought and these people go to spirits a to fight no matter who they are they will be taught to come and walk from spirit say the white knight so whoever is best for us at that stage no development that's the people that will be introduced to work through us but then matting me at the name is George Bob David then Amata you know to be very truthful with you I didn't chaos I just knew that the work that they came forward would be you know for the Behrman of the development and I'm fifty help people on this side of light because that's really all we want to do all I want to do straight to help you no sir yes did you know but no but my development it started lead you know into other things you know I was talking to you understand where Bertha psychos like to see it was given to me by the spiritual communities no I know I collected my saying to myself okay I would just be quite happy just be known as it's just a healer or a spell at work up to you know a person working for this better world who does he want you know facilities he looks I'm just a facilitator for one that's not quite happy but psychologically as the title is it's an advancement of the local State of Trance and what is no spiritual healing when we open up to healing we open up a channel to - to the universal energy and the energy flows through it has all energy it has an intelligence contained within it and it will only make the contact where you send it to someone the energy will flow and say that body in a blue coffee for the healing energy kicked in the New Testament or whatever needs balance and all these things in to address certain things when we do trance it's a little bit different because you're actually alone that energy instead of it just flew and it comes in two blends which was a little bit deeper now what happens is the energy is you have an alchemist and like a pre-op if you understand what happens is they'll come and they'll assess what's going on within that person and that you know your problem of kidney or your problem of the bladder or whatever the ailment is your pancreas or whatever as a leper away whatever Lealman is they look at that you address it and what they do is the mix of cards you have an alchemist you know it's a go agency we need this car banter basis so what they do is they makes up a color which is specific just for you that color is your color and that's why I very often you'll hear people see him in the habit he like I was aware of colors because these colors is human energy vibration is made up and that color I'm a few a trance medium was able to allow the energy to come and blend for us a lot of people to come forward so they can put their energy directly into that body web psychic surgery is a little bit different what happens with the psychic sorry state of things as doctors healers and surgeons from spirit side of life has had worked here and were compassionate the work that they did when they go to spirit save of like they wish to come forward to carry all that good work alone early on new techniques and how to utilize the energy is fill it say the white you still come forward and to wish to do the work at the Dead where people like myself who have to be and you have to be a physical transfer Masen or things are very very real commodity and the spiritual world that was real you know effect the years ago three hundred years ago and it's rare today to be very two three it's a certain quality that's contained within the physical makeup of the human being you know and it's a real commodity promise yeah I value a chemical makeup but they were able to come and blend weather just like an also State of Trance what happens we give ourselves over to them we don't come in possess us it is nothing demonic about it in any way it's a mechanism as a mess understand that when people see I can feel an energy coming into taking over nobody takes over here this is our life in our body for what happens is neutral spirit said we've come to coming to blend be your auric field bring that energy that should wait for same shit on the boat they bring my energy close to us so you see yourself there's a little vibration the energy comes it's just because that's mixing that energy on the boat you know but we adverse effect on the energy on the Bochy but as as physical mediums on transmitter we are well that energy to come forward we develop all their PD attention becomes very natural and easy to us to this fellow can complain to what they're doing is the mixing the energy with your audit filled with your energy and then the two energies become one so we just really let their energy take over our energy and our consciousness just ships to save a little bit that's how it works but with the psychic surgeon is a buffet what happens you at you allow people to come forward to a subject so if you have a problem of your pancreas you will have a specialist in their own field that will come and work through you looking at that pancreas if you have a problem with your heart then you have a heart specialist if you have a problem with you're with me with the brain you better a noodle surgeon you get all these things or you know I have a lady it works with me here is a gynecologist you know we have all these people coming back through some have an endless supply in the spirit world you know I maybe be aware of 12 people that I know you know I don't know wait I got energy and when they come forward but that can actually there's hundreds and thousands probably more that which person can come forward if they are the quiet hmm and when you brought up that lady you don't physically touch people yeah I know I know if you when I whenever when I wrote the book and there are things I would I would not physically cut a lady's body right I wouldn't do it I'm a married man I've got lots of problems I promise it's parable we never do a thing like that you know what happens if some things what can happen when you give yourself 100% over to the spirit world that the energy comes forward and the people that come forth from supposed state of light you know the bill never want to do anything inappropriate never ever okay what can happen if you enter fear of the connection though you as a developer media will understand this but if you interfere with the connection and break the connection you could accidentally brush against a lady's body right okay so the spirit world spell never going to make a mistake for us you know if you don't give a hundred percent to them you know are you are some people enjoy you you can even break the link just like we're doing a communication will ever be can break the link ourselves you know just throw the most stupid or sort of things but yes I will never ever ever be behind the poor lady's boy there's always a 18 inches above okay to bear to hear because I didn't want you know I was like 'man i hug but the spirit world path I'm going to walk above the people I want to do that even today I want to do an operation it's above the body because all all healing takes place on the spiritual body it's an absolute duple banger of the physical body whatever ailment you carry on your physical you carry on your spiritual body oh yeah I mean these people come forward from spirit side of life to work through us because they are spirit what they're doing is they're connecting with where the spirit world in the indian space but on to your spirit and on to the spirit of the person there has to be a three-way connection and all mediumship there's that three-way connection if you get our information of the spirit world to the medium due to their december 10th is always a three-way triangle so all healing to take place on the spiritual body so if you don't connect with the spiritual body of that person of thespirit of that person healing will not take place you will get a transference of energy over to that person and for a short period of time it will feel that it's actually wonderful to feel rejuvenated and all these things but healing hasn't took place what's happened is you're just getting my weboost of a lagina the physical body all healing takes place on the spiritual body what has happened over over a period of 10 years now as some things what was happening if something is now when I do work I do actually put my hand let me want to tummy or the knee of other person he comes for a healing and the only reason why we did that was that I started to realize as we develop you know my development got deeper and deeper in my understanding of things but some people when they were hidden on the festival side of life and like to work some people like to come forward and put their hands on to the physical body and touch the spirit and say the physical body and some people like to work above so for me to do in that law was an agreement I had with the spirit world I was interfering walks taken place because they wanted to come forward at the hand or on someone's knee to work obviously your but the knee joint are not afraid to join whatever it is then I have to allow them to work at the way that they want to work and they carry out the healing and not to interfere a mother but it probably it took me a few years to realize that well I'm sure by then too you have the rapport with the person you've asked permission throw up maybe that they know what's coming it's not of course lead shock people are comfortable when they come to see you of course indeed I mean the first you know better over here that takes place is the explanation of what work me happened what they may feel no it's not a good ending force into people's minds so that you know they're looking for it's just that you know the experiences take place that not to be concerned I mean I always you know I always carry an independent witness when a human takes place anyway you know to be true for with you you know I just think it's obviously just awful I've always done I bet it along another thing the healing and never takes place you know as you get on the complimentary you know to you know the complementing helps heavily towards taking place you know anybody who comes on medication or under that you know that here's text or you know other with hospital so that doctors whatever they still have to take the medicines they still have to obviously you attend attend the hospital appointments all that kind of thing we just help in conjunction she was very welcome do to help the very often when people come to see me you know is when the heart pain for quite some time or the father Neil Minh would have been told that there's nothing more the hospital can do for them and this is when people over 6.

2 shares to look at other alternatives to see at work it's anything out there that can help have you had that happen that someone's had a pain that modern medicine hasn't helped and a trans hailing has made a difference of course indeed you know I mean I mean less is endless to be very truthful with you I mean we're even hard I mean to be very true for me I mean use a computer anything but we have had you know share conditions even you know you know means a lady you know just well recently she diagnosed with cancer or tsukushi confirmation or donor dinner nothing float there yeah but lady had come your diagnosis is terminal came to see us she went for a check-up there about six months ago and the doctor says they were not saying that you're cured but we can't find it Wow yeah and I know that's a strong statement to say out in the air or to anybody I know that you know but you know I promise you that you know I have you know verification from this lady you know as Lydia McKeenan like eating to give me a video you know a video testimonial she that that you know that it just no longer they are they can really speak for scan since then and it's completely gone you know yeah before their conditions where people have had you know with a voiceless the taste and smell but that's being brought back we've had people you know that have a lady with the antibody suppressing so high that you know she's on a transplant for kidney operation and they had to take it off there the week unless presently bodies and prison in shorts a label and when you get to that level there's nothing more the hospital can do for them you're taking catch it early enough never made the kitchen and try to reduce it but I'm afraid it was past that level actually nothing she could do so she was looking over the dialysis received the rest of her life and then a lady came to see me four times I want to see what's available to do through me and she got a telephone conversation call from her specs like shindig we understand were taking place for she's under luma education for but it had dropped significantly they can open the back on the waiting list my lady has a new kidney and she has my back a normal life where's normal support again that's inaudible even on your website there are many many many testimonials well should be but I want to ask you to if they're working on what did you call it art they're not working on the body itself the spirit body the workroom is fetish for boys especially and it starts of what happens with work on the on the spiritual bodies under it stands a chain reaction so what they do is it's not a chain reaction fixity physicals wouldn't use the work on the spiritual body which obviously the spiritual bodies inside and this is the base of the physical bodies they've actually be using the shade of light rain you know for our our journey so happens anything so on on law on the spiritual body physical body the one or one of the same so when we work on the spiritual body what happens is they look to Craig what's taking place within the spiritual body and then it has a chain reaction it goes and what's nice to work on to the physical body well some things healings can be miraculous to be very true for what you had quite a lot of them are you know we had a lady came to see us just recently she had rheumatoid arthritis in the hands and she came on hand to her you know where were you know such there's a lot lots of pain with them and we gave her one heal and she came back to see me a month later and she says you know auntie moving our hands freely and she says you know I've been under under the guidance of the hospital for five years she's got an appointment to see my my specialist next week she what am I going to tell her she's an old lady you know an older lady you know about absolute beautiful and lovely lady a beautiful soul actually described easily as you just get a gentleman a card business card you know and she's gained a fostered with that but she took it anyway you know but we have had you know certain things that you please I've had a little girl who had Crohn's disease not that we can lock his on my own testimony on my website and be actual you know very friendly with the mother I mean stole obviously see the girl from time to time but after we get all you know they done done recess with that little girl and the hospital and you know from the same thing is he was had minister the one thing she was it the youngest child in Scotland to be administered for Crohn's disease but that he could also put it in remission you know and she hasn't had any operations or anything explore everything every person that had been administered from the same time you know and under cases to that hospital every other person of another child it's hard to go through a major operation the sweet girl hasn't there is Stefan yeah the only differences is the mother saw someone like myself there's under one other wonderful healers out there not just your turn I give me notice the meanest well so what's the wonderful things up there you know much love so he loves know enough he loves but anyway lady I come to see obviously what's federal can do through myself and now that Vijay is completely under mission and even at lunch I mean one thing the doctor did she he says you know the most strangest thing is he's a child with Crohn's disease he sees do not grow see because the body cannot digest the food properly you understand yes you know so that over there always under SLUSA under no extra under height or a kind of thing she's but this little demolicious surpasses all the chances she she's growing like a normal channel and the only until the intervention of anything screenplays is eating the extra energy that work for the spirit world it's incredible but Chris let me ask you I trust that people get healing on the spiritual body but what about times that the cancer isn't cured or the pain isn't doesn't stop is there a belief in your mind that this is all experimental or that I mean I know obviously everyone you encourage everyone to continue going to their physicians but I also know we all can't live forever is there a healing that takes place even though the body itself isn't healed to believe what I think the sound of a truthful with with that you know gvx we have you are one of the most major problems we have registration or life stress is a trigger point I believe what carries and opens up the doors to lots of illness within the physical body you know when we have studies the body has the release is designed to release so it has to release somewhere so usually goes to the weakest point okay it's usually the see sets and I was cancer or whatever it may be attached to beliefs so I often think you know stress is a major factor okay what I do understand is if we are if we have so are you know being bad to our bodies or course probably available is through your drugs absorbing abuse or ever s okay do these kind of things then these are things we have done and abused our body and spirit world you know can help and all aspects to counter that to try and help to put the back to how it should be because we have we have a lifespan of Spinoza Johnny to carry out no on the physical world but if it's your time to go through the to back back home to the spiritual world and that in you you are destined to go through with that condition and it's going to take you back to you know back home to despair overall it's actually nothing this kind of all can do to change that but saying that they can't help with the pain management I have watched people you know it come to see me or see myself and the journey has to go home you know and we know that isn't going to change but a kept on you know that energy they need it takes them up it gets them you know that that takes me that pain to the no longer in pain for the time I mean why should you be in pain don't try this fellow can help in all aspects and some things about the healing to be very quickly they take me quite some time to understand that that the healing sometimes for the people is to make the connection for the transition so they can go home I had a lady that I went to see a daughter got in touch with me about two years ago maybe three years ago and an absolute beautiful lady and asked me if I come on your home verse that the mother was wasn't well she had a stage four cancer of the ovaries and I went along to visit Lydia to know a portable human bed and the lady was unable to obviously get up to very very lady and spoke to the Dr.

Brennan spoke to the mother you know and obvious which fearfully walks taking place you know obviously know because she she there cause element that you understand you know and all going back home and I spoke to the lady you know aunt Olivia he likes lovely I meditate my what with Lee in the bed and I won hands what about ladies me over 18 and she's about lady and when I came back obviously you know an awful thought mistake and the turn back obviously back into the physical world I chased him away you know I see you enjoy that CGS it was lovely she sees a good accent feel to say that someone she seems move was walking my evil ovaries that's what it felt like we all think it had brought back you honest with you I say that's lovely but I misspelled what we want do you know opportunity the one I'm going to mess an opportunity to see what they could do to help that lady you know even though we know she was she was heading back opposite side of life being very very frail but they were helping with the pain there's no reason to hard to be and pain you know they will try the bad spell will try 100 percent under infected samples you know what to see what he can do to help but the most interesting thing was I received a letter from the doctor about a week later fighting officer myself for taking the time to come on she was very well-to-do and now her mother was ready her mother had that acceptance in her life that she was ready to go shallow feel whatsoever and then I realized that's not all about the healing and support sometimes the hearing is actually contributed transition back home to the spirit world to make that connection so that they are aware of her loved ones are coming forward and they're going to be fine and I thought I was absolutely wonderful you know so that's all there's many many different aspects to work me dude because know all about the miraculous healing and some he runs out of process and we've had a lady you know Heidi Amy for 50 years better than for five years a lady has a normal wife she came to see me maybe about dozen times know as a process you understand because it very often you know when people come to see a healer they want a miraculous cure but I go to hospital the doctor to accept the treatment you know either with tablets or a period of time where they keep going back for apply for a therapy it's very often the same of healers you know we only get you know opportunity to spare were configured to work and sometimes it's a gradual process some things people have had you know an ailment within the body but for many many many years you know it's all about condition and people about very very slowly and also conditioning the main you know Miss Ferret will just don't work on the physical level I mean very often made me see me see a healer will do a demonstration in a room effective 60 people or 100 people very often everybody in that room all to see the healing because the energy is broke up the kinetic energy and Jamal Jacques as we connected the sparrow they're not gonna miss an opportunity you know I'm very often people will see my could feel you know feel like I was getting a he look they'll ask them some things you know but I'm watching a demonstration or I'm speaking to the crowd I can see the help standing behind them the people come forward to give these people he'll stand the mind you know which is absolutely absolutely credible and wonderful when I just took the course at the Arthur Findlay college and trance and part of it was trans healing the tutors had said that this woman had brought her husband and for the healing and she herself had some kind of an eye disease and had a very very poor eyesight and even though he received the healing her eyes went better than they've ever been they went better than perfect and when she went to her own doctor he says he just couldn't explain it there's it was just impossible so to be present in the room - they also be giving the healing - that's very inspiring it's actually wonderful I mean when I do a you know not have my own evil healed surgeries it's very often what takes place is a lot of people come and blend with myself you know and the be a team working directly with me what happens is I become a generator you build up our energy and our solar plexus reserve our battery pack what happened is I become a generator for them always the plug-in and soon as I do that it generates an energy round about the bed and then we have maybe two or three different teams round about that bed - a law I may be you know I'll be aware a gentleman when working on a heart was going to working with a lever or whatever it is there's also people from spirits say the wave other surgeons other teams that they are working through the energy that is created and do share things and very often we have reports where you know I will always come back and I was you know initio I felt you working you on their own working on the heart feel heal or a vibration or whatever as that at the field but she also offered to tell you you know I had a problem with my ball but I bet you know I could feel you working on that let's not mean I didn't know that condition it's expendable because they already know what they're going to do and what conditions any specialist are already there little feel to have a look at that I'd suspect killer Chris our time is running up here I don't want to keep the episode too much longer but no let's just talk about if people want to be in touch with you whether they want to read your book whether they want to you know if they happen to be in Scotland or in the UK or Europe how can they find out more you can find out more on my website which is www.


Com or they can go catch me on Facebook which is Chris Ratter or out of the public page which is a Chris rat of psychic surgeon trance healer or they can you can read my book they can pick it up in water stents or Amazon or any major book stores yeah like it's sold in 50 countries and just you know I'm open to you know people that want to get in touch and give me a call I don't mind very toothy you know I mean I'm more than happy to two-sentence week with anybody regarding any element see what people can do to help I also have a on my page I have you know a certain thing to be doing my website where you can look at my clinics where I am in different countries to what I'm doing they can also you know there's are I think they're for action elements is an absolute wonderful form of investing on person call it you can go on and they can send a contact you add them to Alexa me sent healing on a regular basis to people it's absolutely a wonderful pose and memory right it's free yes just put the name of the list yeah then you also offer Skype healing I just thought about that oh yeah you what is that rate Skype here is really where we make an appointment just the same thing we get the people obviously no time we can speak to them and then I want to also stay I become a very much aware of what's taken place within the people it was something that was developed through the spirit world than myself the way we do it is we air is we allow the energy to build up the vibration within the room them that I'm aware as you see I have that wonderful ability to be aware of the spirit people as they come forward I'm aware of the space such as to come forward and there's work on that ailment I talk to people through it I talking with the colors I see all through all from the Skype healing I also a give an explanation what's going on and SH and agree with where people to tell us on what with a working on the feedback we've had was actually phenomenal before we took it out to the pub we did it we did it in practice the bank closed doors they were working mediums and also members of the public and I asked that they would be volunteers for it until it was so substandard that way I could understand exactly what was taking place it's a wonderful form of you and against people accessibility that they can make into a clinic educate parents all over the world on a regular basis we can that can be just as powerfully seeing you in person just exactly just just as powerful the only thing is sometimes you know when people have a meal yes it's a very very powerful form of healing Skype you an option healing is a very very powerful form of healing through a tree for which there will be more people that I will ever that I will help available will help through that connection and the tomb into the spirit world from destiny landscape Eiland like anything can ever have the pleasure obviously of working with or you know you know with my hands above them or the energy you know placing upon them only what happens to be very free and the reason why people have to come and see a healer at a clinic or demonstration whatever it is because the certain things that are required when a human takes place just for certain conditions not for them all but the experiment cannot reproduce their energy on their side of life has to come through the physical body oh that makes sense over healer yeah that's what yeah that's why people have to come and see you know a healer on the sake of life the spell will come work through or we would just say the oxygen to everybody and we know the reason for able to attend the clinic but that's how it works very very great any closing words final words I would just like to see that there isn't enough healers in the world it's a wonderful opportunity you know for people who wish to develop healing you know and just trust the spirit world Sparrow they're just full of love and compassion they have no desire whatsoever to come frighten us or you know what make us fearful of them and once you understand you know what they're all about promise you there's no going back welcome compassionately half of humanity and for people second to none that's so beautiful Chris thank you so much for being our guest today thank you Sandra it’s been a privilege in people yeah and for our listener thank you for listening and I want to remind you well actually if you're listening to this on YouTube and if you just scroll beneath there's a link right there for Chris this book mediumship within this might be something that interests you or even if you're interesting in mediumship and how to get started I tell you his book is an easy read it's filled with so much really great information and I wasn't making it up it really truly is my favorite book and I'm delighted that we got to speak with Chris today and yeah it's 2017 when we're recording this who knows what it is when you're listening but the world could use more healers and mediums and really could you imagine what life would be like if people knew who we are really and what our life's about and I just I think it's really magical phenomenal and you know as a little kid I wanted magic to be real so badly and now here I am 51 years old and it is real I mean we're so much more powerful than we know so just a reminder if you go to we don't die radio.

Com you can click on this or all past episodes of the show and I have a favor if you wouldn't mind pressing the share button however that is that you're listening to this right now you never know who in your life needs some inspiration might be going through grief might need a little little miracle in their life and this listening to this might be bad for them so feel free to share and lastly I'd love to meet you in person I will be speaking September 15th through 17th at the afterlife symposium in Scottsdale Arizona and go to afterlife studies org to find out more and to register so in closing my name is Sandra Champlain and I've been your host on We Don't Die Radio and I do believe that life is an education for the Soul and that your life here on earth is important so I really want to thank you for listening and we'll see you soon.

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There are pros and cons to both; It is a matter of personal preference really which is better.

*The Kabbalah incidentally is a form of Jewish Mysticism that is

believed to have originated from Moses. However, Mystical Kabbalah is non-religious; it ties in all the Gods and Goddesses of the world. I am referring to Kabbalah, from the Golden Dawn System of thought, often called “Mystical Kabbalah” today. Writer’s such as: Dion Fortune, S.L. Macgregor Mathers, and Isreal Regardie disseminated the Mystical Kabbalah ideas through their early 1900 writings on the subject.

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I have been wanting to write this Empath guide for such a very long time. I wanted to be brutally honest and thorough. I did not want to leave anything out. I had no idea when I started this intention how much this was going to impact my life personally. As I have been trying to gather the words I was flooded every time with emotions, stories, images, feelings, thoughts and experiences from my past that kept me frozen in my feelings about what it means to be a highly sensitive person. I feel like it has been one of the most defining aspects of my life up until now. The main feelings that come to the surface when I connect to the “frozen” feeling that I was describing, would be powerlessness and self doubt. These were the most dominant feelings from my past, relative to the concept of being a highly sensitive Empath.

I felt as if what I was sensing or picking up on was imposed on me from others, as if I had no choice in the matter. At some point I realized that others did not experience this overwhelming flood of sensations through their entire body just by standing next to other people or from being in certain environments. Unbeknownst to me, at the time, I would often feel others emotions more strongly than even they would. I had no clue what was going on. I just knew that others could be in a very busy setting without feeling bombarded with sights, sounds, smells, and all other types of sensory input. I knew that I would burst out into tears at the slightest things.

“Why are you being so sensitive”, I heard this my entire life. It was often framed in a way that was clearly a burden to others that I wanted so desperately to please or feel acceptance from. “It’s not my problem that you’re so sensitive”. It was as if people thought I wanted this. Almost as if I chose that morning to wear one article of clothing over another. Like it was simply something I could turn off. I was commanded from others so often, just stop being so sensitive. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I accepted that others knew better than me. I assumed that something was in fact just wrong with me. I internalized the belief that I needed to stop being so sensitive, in other words I needed to stop being myself. In an effort to be accepted I decided that I would just change. This process of rejecting myself caused me an immense amount of pain through my life. I felt often at times that my mere existence was a mistake. I questioned how God could have made such a mistake so I assumed it had to be me. Little did I know that not only was I rejecting myself but I was also disconnecting from the non-physical beings that were ever present in my journey as my guides, angels, and ancestors. I felt haunted and even cursed by their presence, yet ignorant to the torturous inner circumstances I was creating.

I had not gone into these feelings for so long because I have not felt this way in many years. But as a clairsentient/Empath/highly sensitive person we have the ability to conjure any feeling that we chose so embody so I traveled back through my past in order to be able to write this. I decided to experience all that came up, to be with it all, to be present and most importantly to show up for myself in a way that I never had been able to. This time I went through those feelings without the judgement, without the limited perspective, from a more enlightened witnessing point of view. Believe me it was not easy. I ended up retrieving so many fragmented pieces of my soul that had been disassociated from the trauma of being too sensitive to cope with many of the overwhelming experiences of my past. I came back with even stronger extra sensory gifts than when I first decided to embrace this as who I am about four years ago.

The universe is so brilliant in that it knows what we need to heal and move forward and is always offering that to us if we are brave enough to take its hand. It’s our purpose to listen, allow, and show up for the work that is needed to direct us ongoing back to Source energy, to enlightenment and ultimately to more love. Some are not on here on a spiritual growth life path and I highly respect that. So I write this now from the point of view of someone who understands that I was always me on a soul level that chose to incarnate as a highly sensitive person. And that so much of my karmic lessons were created for me to be able to come forth and share this work to heal others. My life purpose is to be who I am and thus give others the permission to be who they are.

I hope to inspire you to embrace this as your gift. I hope to be able to teach you how to use this effectively and to feel safe and empowered. I am writing this as much for the people who are highly sensitive as well as those who love us. They need as much support as we do in understanding this unique way of experiencing the world. These next few weeks I will be speaking directly from the heart of some of my most intimate spaces. I really hope you enjoy it. With love, Hasnaa

Empath Guide.
What is an Empath?
An Empath is a highly sensitive person who has extra sensory perception. Many people are aware of Clairvoyance, as it refers to a sixth sense relative to perceiving the Unseen realms. Some may refer to it as being Psychic but this has such a negative connotation that I tend to stay away from using it. Empaths are born with an innate ability to sense and perceive the world through non physical overtones such as feelings, emotions, sounds, dreams and visions . We pick up on people’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions, intentions, urges, states of being and a range of other pieces of vibrational input. We not only pick up energy from people but also the environment. We hear more sounds in musical composition, we taste more flavor in food, we step into the ocean and become one with it. We watch a movie and experience each character as if we have lived the experiences ourselves. We channel spirit.

We are highly sensitive in the most fundamental way. We feel everything. We feel what is not spoken out loud, we feel people’s fears and we more importantly we feel peoples pain. We know things about people that they are hiding from themselves. And we don’t know how we know. So often we may state something that seems fairly obvious (to us) and the response is, I never said that, how did you know? It’s really hard to lie to an Empath who is in their power and tuned in, because they feel you. We perceive nuances. The issue up until now is that we have not been able to use this gift because many of us have doubted what perceived. We were conditioned to only see “reality” through the five senses. Once we embrace this way of knowing as a gift the world of sensing opens up for us.

These are a few of the various gifts associated with being an empath:
Psychometry — the ability to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs or places
Telepathy — the ability to read people’s thoughts
Mediumship/Channeling — the ability to feel the presence and energies of spirits
Physical Healing — the ability to feel other people’s physical symptoms in your own body (and often the ability to heal, transform or transmute them)
Emotional Healing — the ability to feel another person’s emotions
Animal Communication — the ability to hear, feel and communicate with animals
Nature — the ability to read, feel and communicate with nature and with plants
Geomancy — the ability to read the energy of places and of the land — geomancers can feel the energies of the Earth, such as Ley lines. They can also get headaches, pain or anxiety before earthquakes or other disasters occur anywhere on the planet.
Precognition — the ability to feel when something important is about to happen (often this can be a feeling of inexplicable dread or doom)
Claircognizance — the ability to receive knowledge about any given circumstance. It is often most strongly associated with a clear knowing that goes beyond one’s own experience.

One of the challenges with being an Empath, in my experiences is that we are so tuned into others feelings and picking up energy from the environment that we often lack the discipline or focus to assess our own feelings and needs. To us self-care is not indulgent or pampering, it is actually the only way that we will be able to show up as ourselves. Our body is our antenna. When most people perceive someone in a state of pain their natural defense is for self preservation so they withdrawal, this trait is referred to as the selfish genes. Empaths lack this gene. We are actually drawn towards people who are suffering or anyone who is the underdog. Without a doubt, taking on too many emotions can be detrimental to our health. The longer the thoughts, feelings and emotions we are carrying aren’t released, the more power they build. This can lead to eventually becoming explosive. This is the cause of that feeling of powerlessness that I spoke about previously. You can literally be rendered crippled by taking on too much of others energy. The result can be mental/emotional instability or the creation of a physical ailment, illness or disease.

From my research I have found that Highly Sensitive/Empaths make up about 15% of the population. We also tend to be introverts and hermits. This is why it has taken so long in order to find accurate information and insight on this experience. Empaths have a highly tuned nervous system. Our nervous system is working overtime to process the input we are receiving from people and the environment. We are prone to what is referred to as over arousal. There are specific signs to look for that are associated with learning our own capacity for what are safe levels of arousal. This is imperative for each of us to learn on our own and then communicate it with those close to us. What they may experience is simply us shutting down, withdrawing, disengaging, avoiding, and generally not being our warm open selves. It may be perceived as being moody, bitchy, depressed or bipolar. Please note the distinct differences. With about 20 minutes of focused self-care time we can recover from over arousal and become fully present again.

Empaths have a hard time with boundaries. We often may have lashed out in relationships by not having our needs met through lack of honest communication. We may end up coming out of the episode feeling bad when we sense that we have hurt someone we care for in the midst of our misalignment. This is what we are hoping to avoid. Chronic over arousal of the nervous system can and will lead to disease. Abandoning an empath who is in the middle of an empathic episode can have detrimental effects. Many empaths don’t understand what is happening within them. They have no idea that another person’s emotions are being absorbed psychically as their own and being reflected outwardly. They are confused as to how one moment all was well, and then the next, they feel so depressed and alone. It can indeed be an emotional roller coaster that we end up taking others on. The thing to keep in mind is that it is not intentional. The need to understand the power of empathic connection is a vital part of the empaths journey for themselves and for those around that love them to all be healthy.

Common character traits of an Empath.

1. Empaths just know things. And we have no idea how we know (but as I mentioned this second part it changing). The more attuned we are the stronger the gift becomes. It is a knowing that goes beyond everyday intuition.

2. Public places can be really overwhelming. We have a low threshold for sensory input( and emotions of others) which can lead to over arousal.

3. We are psychic sponges. We absorb everything.

4. We are averse to watching violent or scary movies.

5. We know when someone is lying. We can sense when someone is saying one thing and feeling another. We might not be able to assess why or about what but we can sense the disparity.

6. We are always attracted to the underdog. Anyone who is suffering or in emotional pain draws our empath’s attention.

7. We are listeners. Others will want to offload their problems on you, even strangers: An empath can become a dumping ground for everyone else’s issues and problems, which, if they’re not careful can end up as their own. Often complete strangers will find themselves telling us their entire life story. Things that they may have never shared with those closest to them will flow from them with ease in the conversation. It is easy to talk to empaths about anything and before you know it someone has poured out their hearts and souls to you. It is as though on a sub-conscious level that person knows instinctively that empaths would listen with compassionate understanding

8. Constant fatigue. Empaths often get drained of energy by taking on too much from others. Sleep is our medicine for recharging.

9. One of the things that characterizes an empath is a lack of mastery of the solar plexus. The solar plexus chakra is known as the seat of emotions. It’s associated with a sense of self, confidence, and worth. We truly feel we are all one. So the idea of separation is counter intuitive. We literally feel that we are other people, this is why the emotional absorbing happens.

10. We are healers. We are drawn to holistic therapies and all things metaphysical. Anything of a supernatural nature is of interest to empaths. Nothing is too out there for them because they have seen it all in their dreams or imagination. Even at the revelation of what many others would consider unbelievable. Empaths have known the world was round when others still believed it was flat.

11. We need solitude. An empath will go crazy if we don’t get quiet time. This is even obvious in empath children. Many Empath children are being misdiagnosed and this is a huge aspect of my personal work. I will share more in depth insight into Empath children in a future newsletter.

12. We are creative. As people who are highly sensitive to nuances we do well with forms of expression from singing, dancing, acting, drawing or writing an empath will have a strong creative streak and a vivid imagination.

13. We have a thirst for knowledge. If we have a “knowing” about something we continue to seek answers to look for confirmation. The downside to this is an information overload.

14. We are free spirits. We love adventure and new experiences. We are constantly wanting to explore new sight and sound. Often this can be hindered by our fear of overarousal but again with practice we can find the healthy balance to get all of our needs met.

15. We love nature and animals. We feel extremely at peace with the soothing vibrations that nature offers as well as a friendly safe (non-emotional) close companion. We love intimacy although we may not always feel safe so a pet is an amazing source of joy.

16. We abhors clutter. It makes an empath feel weighed down and blocks the flow of energy. A simple life often is best.

17. We are generally ungrounded. We can get carried away by our emotions and end up creating a bigger issue than is truly present. This is why learning techniques for feeling grounded, shielding, and clearing our field are vital to our wellbeing (more on this later).

18. Empaths are very vivid dreamers. We often have had a range of supernatural or mystical experiences, Everything from OBEs, lucid dreams, Deja vus, Synchronicity, spontaneous parallel/past life regressions, and near death experiences. A lack of understanding about the nature of these extra sensory experiences can lead to more feelings of being different or alone. All of these are signs of guidance from the higher self-intended to tune us in. I have found that once we integrate our gift and stop resisting it that the need for these higher levels of awakening experiences become less dramatic. It’s as if we are so sensitive on a regular basis that we need something dramatic to wake us up to our higher calling. Many of us have learned to ignore what we are feeling because it is so overwhelming at times that we are not fully present in our bodies. So it can take a dramatic spiritual awakening to bring us fully on to our path.

We are in a time when many of us are being called to do our soul work. It is my belief that many Empaths are here to help absorb and transmute the pain of the planet. However as people continue to raise their vibration this won’t feel as daunting as it has up until now. We are powerful creators. For example, I receive insight and inspiration through dreams and visions. The combination of being a dreamer and a visionaries as well as highly emotional lends itself to being someone with the gifts needed to create powerful change in the world. Science is proving that our emotions not merely our thoughts are the driving force behind creating our reality. Once educated and trained these gifts are endless. Psychic empathic traits not only involve the ability to receive energy, but also include the ability to heal in many cases. For this reason, an empath’s life path is often intended to be aligned with the healing arts. When you have a positive outlet for the psychic abilities of being empathic, you can experience peace and fulfillment. This allows you to overcome many of the negative overwhelming experiences and feelings of being an Empath.

I will be continuing posting about Empath medicine for the next coming week. please sign up to receive my emails directly at

I dedicate this to my son. I pray that the world continues to grow into a place where you can flourish and shine your gifts. I pray that you are surrounded by people and environments that will support those unique gifts that make you special. Thank you for helping me discover all of this about myself.

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