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Sedona's Energy Vortexes.

Learning More About Sedona, Arizona’s Energy Vortexes

Sedona, Arizona is a very interesting town, with a great deal of beautiful natural imagery. Sedona has also become well known for its powerful occurrences of spiritual energy. People flock from all over the country to visit and it was named the most beautiful city in the United States by USA Today. Sedona has made national headlines because of its high concentration of energy vortexes. There are several different areas believed to have spiritual powers in Sedona.

What is an energy vortex? Vortexes are created when an air or liquid begins to travel in a spiraling motion around a rotational center. Desert dwellers who have seen dust devils are well aware of this phenomenon. An energy vortex, however, does not derive from water or wind, but spiritual energy.

Sedona’s energy vortex locations are believed to be hubs of spiritual power. Those seeking greater communication with higher powers, a higher level of spiritual enlightenment and a greater level of healing congregate at these vortexes. These sites are thought to have energy flows that exist in several different dimensions. Their energy has the power to speak to a person’s inner being.

These vortexes are thought to have the power to heal many spiritual ailments and interpersonal rifts. Married couples who have fallen on hard times and considering a divorce, people who feel like the world is against them, those lacking self-confidence, those who struggle to see the world through the eyes of others have all been encouraged to make the pilgrimage to Sedona. Many visitors have reported feeling great spiritual energy and a greater understanding of their inner being. Sedona’s visitors are often seeking peace and harmony in their personal lives.

Due to Sedona’s position as an area of great spiritual power, energy vortexes located in Sedona are believed to provide strong spiritual energy to those who visit them. They do not contain magnetic or electric power, contrary to common belief.

Sedona has four widely known energy vortex areas. The Airport Vortex, which is close to Sedona’s uptown area, got its moniker due to its proximity to the local airport. The Cathedral Rock Vortex is located in Crescent Moon Park and is difficult to access by paved road. In order to reach this vortex, you will need to drive into the park as deeply as possible, then walk to the creek. This vortex derives its name from the rock formation’s resemblance to a church cathedral.

The Boynton Canyon vortex, named for its location on the Boynton Canyon Trail, is located near the Enchantment Resort. If you reach the resort entrance, you have come too far. Last, but not least, the Bell Rock vortex, taking its name from the distinctly shaped and colored rock formation where it is located, is hard to miss and has a set of easily accessible trails.

Each vortex contains a different form of energy for spiritual journeymen to react to. Energy vortexes will strengthen either the masculine or feminine side, and in some cases, both. The masculine side deals with a person’s inner strength, their strength of self. By visiting an energy vortex that interacts with the masculine side, self-confidence becomes increased and a higher self-worth can be developed.

The Airport vortex is the perfect place to visit for those with intense self-doubt, those who don’t believe in what they are capable of. People who struggle with self-confidence and placing a high value on themselves as people often visit this vortex to aid them in remedying this deficiency. Strengthening the masculine side makes them better at discerning the appropriate moments to take risks, hones focus and increases decisiveness. Those who are fully in touch with their masculine side are able to get the most out of life.

Conversely, the Cathedral Rock vortex is recommended for those wishing to develop a stronger feminine side. While the masculine side helps emphasize the value of self, the feminine side provides a greater ability to see the value in others. The feminine side is often see as existing on a scale, a scale where goodness is at the higher end and evil is at the lower end. Having a strong feminine side enables a person to show more respect to the rights of others. It also grants a person greater patience and more compassion for those that need it the most.

The Boynton Canyon and Bell Rock Vortexes are equipped to provide assistance to those needing spiritual help for both sides. This is also known as the balance. The balance is all about having the perfect amount of each side, the yin and the yang. It is crucial for people to have the proper balance of each side.

When a person’s masculine side is dominant, they tend to be ruled by anger and fail to feel fear at the appropriate moments. Having an imbalance tilted towards the masculine side means having more aggression than is necessary and feeling wronged by your fellow man far more easily. Those with stronger masculine sides also suffer from an inflated self-opinion and a lack of regard for others.

Those who have an imbalance related to the feminine side struggle to stand up for themselves and let the world take advantage of them. The feminine side leads to a more defensive nature and a lack of ability to do what is right for yourself. The feminine side convinces people that others are more important, to the point of detriment. By harnessing the spiritual energy of these vortexes, people are able to strengthen their weaknesses and take a new approach to daily living.

Opinions differ on the power of these energy vortexes. Some believe that all vortexes are created equal, while others feel that different vortexes have different levels of power.

There is a certain level of skepticism about whether Sedona’s energy vortexes actually contain spiritual energy or if all of the hype surrounding the town is simply the product of New Age balderdash. But the Earth’s natural energy is very real and it is very sacred.

Because of the lack of a physical property such as water, it can be difficult to prove the existence of an energy vortex to a nonbeliever. A field of energy makes it hard to notice differentials in pressure or judge the dynamics of fluids for those attempting to measure.

Those who support the existence of energy vortexes point to the unusual bending that occurs in Sedona’s juniper trees. When a juniper tree is located in close proximity to an energy vortex, the bark becomes twisted. Some believers even like to stack rocks onto the twisted bark to prove their point.

No two people will experience these energy vortexes in the exact same way. Everyone’s brain is wired differently, leading to different experiences for each person. Many skeptics try to use Sedona’s natural beauty as an explanation for visitors feeling like they’ve had a supernatural spiritual experience. However, there are many picturesque locations in the United States and around the world that exist without visitors speaking of their capacities for increased spiritual development.

The brain is a powerful tool. For those who are inclined to believe in the supernatural, it is easier to allow the spiritual energy of Sedona’s vortexes to infiltrate your inner self. If you’re skeptical and do not believe it will happen for you, then chances are, it will not. It is difficult for the mind to appreciate a spiritual experience when the mind is not even open to the idea.

Sedona’s gorgeous landscape, coupled with its powerful spiritual impact, can be a lot for the mind to take in. It is only natural that some would chalk it up to a hoax. But Sedona’s spiritual powers are very real and should be experienced by all. Don’t let the naysayers keep you away from what could be a life changing experience.

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